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NARA and Covid 19

We are certainly living through strange and difficult days. Most of us are separated from extended family and friends at a time we would wish to be close, especially those who find themselves in hospital, or to be there to comfort those who have sadly lost dear ones.

Throughout this time NARA – The Breathing Charity has kept going, providing nebulisers and accessories for those who struggle to breathe and are in danger of succumbing to Covid 19. We are also supporting those who have been hospitalised and now back isolated in their homes with necessary equipment and assistance.
Many of those that have so generously given us financial support in the past are facing difficulties themselves and are not at this time able to give. We ask at this troublesome time, if you could consider a small donation, or think of a way – within social distancing guidelines – you could raise a few funds to ensure we can continue helping those who find it difficult to breathe. Thank you.
If you feel you can help, please go to our website at and press the pink ribbon to the right side of each page, arrowed in pic below. This will take you directly to NARA’s PayPal.
Please leave your name, address (email or phone number if possible) or any other detail you can, so we can personally thank you.
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