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NARA and Covid 19 UPDATE

Throughout the last two years NARA - The Breathing Charity has kept going and been extremely busy with the provision of equipment and accessories for those who struggle to breathe. Although very few visits were achieved, we have always been on the end of a phone, or on social media to offer constant help and support. We are still living through some strange and difficult times and although restrictions have now been lifted, we must all remember that Covid is still amongst us. However, despite this we must also try to regain some kind of ‘New Normal’.

All at NARA will continue to wear a face covering and take sensible precautions at all times, both to protect our staff and patients. It’s obvious that those we deal with are all vulnerable, be they a newborn tiny baby, young adults, or a more elderly member of the community. Indeed, some are still separated from family and friends making them very isolated and alone, while others feel they are still in lockdown.

Speaking to one of our elderly gentleman patients, he said he had not been outside his home, except for essentials, for over two years. He said he was so very, very grateful to NARA for his equipment as it has kept him out of hospital, and our chats have kept him going.

Many people and businesses who have given so generously over the years are still facing difficulties, indeed some are now no longer able to assist us, or donate at this time. We therefore ask if you could consider a small donation or think of a way you could raise funds to ensure we can still continue our everyday work, slowly build on our ‘new normal’ and resume many more visits to our patients.

Thank you for your continued support.

Welcome to NARA - The Breathing Charity - How we can help

NARA – The Breathing Charity is the registered title for ‘The National Association for the Relief of Apnoea’. Since 1984, with financial support from the public such as yourselves, we have been able to assist many who suffer or know those who suffer from a variety of respiratory conditions.

Providing Medical equipment, advice, information and a 24hour helpline supporting all ages from tiny babies through to the elderly. Offering help through our Community Care Programme, Local Community Scheme, Palliative Care and much more.

Through our ‘Breathing Monitor Appeal’ and ‘Breathing New Life Campaign’ we provide medical equipment into the home that relieve symptoms helping the patient to breathe easier, in return enabling a ‘more normal’ lifestyle and giving them the ability to participate in everyday things such as education, sports, work and a ‘near normal’ social life, things that most of us take for granted.

Providing a piece of equipment is easy – our ‘aftercare’ which can sometimes take us from our base to anywhere in the country at a moment’s notice is another task and our most important job. Firstly, the patient and their equipment need looking after on a regular basis for them to receive the best benefit from the equipment. We also need to liaise with doctors, medical professionals and equipment representatives to make sure the equipment given is the best for the patient’s needs. This can sometimes be a very difficult task as funding for this part of our work is very limited.

News and Stories

Our Tribute to Sir David Amess, MP

Following the tragic death of Conservative MP, Sir David Amess, NARA – The Breathing Charity, would like to pay tribute and sincerely thank him for his kindness and assistance given in the early days of our work.  Although not our local MP, David keenly supported a number...
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Anita Simmons – 1953 to 2021

The Trustees, staff and patients of NARA – The Breathing Charity were saddened at the news of the passing of Anita, especially myself, Ann Jiggle, and my husband, Mike. Until the end of 1983, although living not too far from each other, our paths didn’t cross, but by the...
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I cannot thank you enough for getting this bike for me, I’m thrilled. I can’t tell you how grateful I am. It allows me to get out of breath in a safe and controlled way which means I can work on building my fitness which is something I’ve not been able to do for...
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Our Campaigns & Appeals

Breathing Monitor Appeal

There is nothing more precious, nor fragile, than the life of a tiny baby. In those first developing weeks and months of life… Read more

Breathing New Life Campaign

In the hustle and bustle of our busy streets of the towns and cities in which we live, asthma and other respiratory... Read more

Community Care Programme

Working with medical professionals and healthcare assistants, and strictly with medical approval, NARA`s... Read more

Local Community Scheme

Whilst NARA assists on a national level we appreciate those of you who wish to support... Read more

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Recent News

Our Tribute to Sir David Amess, MP

Following the tragic death of Conservative MP, Sir David Amess, NARA – The...
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Anita Simmons – 1953 to 2021

The Trustees, staff and patients of NARA – The Breathing Charity were saddened...
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