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Andrew, Stevenage

I have suffered from Asthma since I was born. Like most children I spent most of my childhood and teenage years in hospital.  When I was 28 I was involved in a very serious road traffic accident where I was severely injured.  Since the accident I have not been able to keep myself out of I C U and hospital for very long constantly relaying on nebulisers steroids and injection to keep me going. I now have a very severe type of asthma called brittle asthma. This means I can have an asthma attack with almost no warning at all,  I suddenly just can’t breathe. I go blue in the face I have pins and needles all over my body and that normally means I will be put on life support where they take over my breathing because I’m not able to breath for myself.  I was told by another asthma sufferer whilst in hospital about NARA – The Breathing Charity that they could help me with medical equipment, the latest breathing machines all I had to do was to get my Doctor to fill in a form to get on board. Since I have been dealing with staff there I have found it easier to keep on top of my nebulisers and keeping the mask and chambers clean and get replacements for everything I have.I even have a travel nebuliser which is essential when I have hospital appointments which could be up 50 miles away. I like that all the nebulisers come brand new and with carry cases also I really like that I can ask for a new nebuliser on the Monday and by the Tuesday I have it here ready to go.  I also find it very nice to have someone else to talk to about how I’m felling and what can help me.
I think NARA is a Brilliant charity to have, and I’m very proud to help raise money for such a wonderful organisation I honestly think without NARA I would have spent much more time in hospital and now I can stay at home with my family and get better in my own environment.

Thank you so much NARA
Andrew, Stevenage.


A - Stevenage.

A – Stevenage.

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