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Sophie – Leeds

How infinitely you’ve made my confusing and scary little world easier. The stupid stuff that no one realises, the fact that my nebs used to take nearly two hours and now take less than 45mins. The fact I can nebulise in the cinema with the portable, the ability to be somewhat subtle with nebulisers. Not stressing about the dodgy design of tubing. The fact that even when things kept being awkward and breaking you got things to me the next day so my exams weren’t disrupted.

You are doing the groundwork, mopping up the mess the NHS make when they leave people with inadequate supplies. People don’t understand why the NHS don’t supply decent things, but the fact that there is someone who mops up the mess and sorts it out is awesome. You genuinely give a damn about people. You care about our quality of life – so we can do more than just basic survival.

You make my fairly challenging little life significantly easier and you’ve no idea the difference that makes to me and the people around me.

Sophie – Leeds.


Sophie - Leeds.

Sophie – Leeds.

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