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Graseby MR10 apnoea monitor.

Nara have used Graseby MR10 monitors since 1984. They are fully portable which means they can be used not only in a cot but wherever you want to take baby. Proven over many years of use to bring complete reliability to infant monitoring both in hospital, ideal for in the home and on the move. The MR10 is a single channel respiration monitor with a choice of a 10 or 20 second apnoea delay. To work, the Monitor requires a Respiration Sensor. The Sensor is attached to the baby’s abdomen and is linked to the Monitor by a narrow tube.

Breathing_MonitorA breathing signal is picked up by the soft, foam filled Sensor (Respiration Sensor) attached to the infant’s abdomen. During breathing, expansion of the abdominal wall causes a small amount of air to pass through the Sensor and tube to the Monitor. During breathing the Monitor will also make an audible click and give a simultaneous visual indication. If the selected alarm time (20sec.) is breached (i.e. if no breath is detected after 20sec.) an audiovisual alarm is triggered.

The Sensor is a disposable item and should  be replaced around every 7 days.(2in micropore tape is required to attach sensor pad.)
The Monitor is powered by 4 LR6 (AA) alkaline batteries. Batteries are included when a unit is new. A low battery indicator is included on the main panel of the monitor. (Spare batteries should always be kept.) Before each usage period, the user must check that both audio and visual signals are working.

Grenwich RM25

The RM25 is a movement monitor designed to pick up the tiny movements your baby makes when breathing. It will alarm if the baby’s breathing patterns become abnormally slow or if the unit senses no movement. As a parent, you will hear a “click” every time the baby breathes (this  clicking can be switched off if required). You can hear this “clicking” wherever you go in the home if you are using a standard baby listening monitor.

Monitoring your baby’s breathing with the RM25 does not involve a lengthy setting up procedure and the monitor does not restrict your baby’s movements in any way.

1) Put the mattress pad under the baby’s mattress.
2) Connect the mattress pad to the monitor
3)Switch the breathing monitor on and it is ready to use.
The main unit is fitted with a bracket handle so that is can be hung on the cot, out of baby’s reach. Alternatively, the handle can be used as a support to stand the monitor at a convenient viewing angle.
4 indicator lights
The RM25 has four indicator lights on the front panel.
1) The low battery light, which flashes when the batteries need replacing.
2)The low breathing indicator  
3)The main alarm (Both alarms will flash to indicate an alarm occurance as the alarm sounds).
4) A breath indicator which flashes along with the “click” as your baby breathes to show that he/she is breathing normally. The unit also “clicks” in time with your babys’ breathing to give you an audio as well as a visual check that your baby’s breathing patterns are stable. This clicking can be turned off if preferred.

With any monitoring equipment we always advise that any person taking care of the infant is trained in infant resuscitation.

We do not suggest that the use of this equipment guarantees the life of a baby. However, it will give every opportunity of assisting when needed. Many parents we have helped over the years have expressed the ‘peace of mind’ the equipment has given.