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Holly-May Humphrey – I’m going to restart my blog later and do a proper post on this. But I wanted to share a little message about NARA. NARA – The Breathing Charity is an amazing charity who over the years have literally got me back on my feet with medical equipment that the NHS has recommended or prescribed but not supplied. They’ve been there day and night to provide both emotional and physical support. Advocated on my behalf when unwell, realised I was unwell and got me medical treatment when I was too unwell to arrange it myself and given me a new lease of life. At the time NARA came into my life I was too sick to work and felt like my life was spiralling out of control. They’ve recently helped me with medical equipment to make my life that little bit more normalcy- I’m attached to some kind of tube, wire or device 24 hours a day. This is just a little thanks to NARA and I’m going to be doing a lot of support posts when I’m feeling better. But would just like everyone to take a look at what they do and share it. A small charity making a huge difference to peoples lives. So I hope when I’m a bit better I can try and make a difference to NARA’s charity and support them to help others get their life back. Xx

Andrew Castle Like you without Nara I wouldn’t of been able to go back to work or breath I can honestly say with out them I would properly be living in either I C U or respiratory ward at my local hospital.
So thank you NARA and all the life’s and people you save
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