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It’s always good to meet those who support our charity as well as those who benefit from the monies raised.  Just before the Easter weekend NARA’s Chairlady, Ann, went to RS Components in Corby to thank them for donating £1,000. RS Components have a dedicated team who decide which charities and causes to support.  Ann said, ‘Whilst the bulk of our time is spent with patients, we have to also look after those who support us.  Saying ‘thank you’ and explaining in more detail exactly what we do is very important.  That personal touch connecting and sharing how their money will help, or even changing the lives of patients in a positive way, is very satisfying and encouraging for donors.’  So, thanks again to Kathryn for the donation and inviting us to the meet her team.

Your kind support will enable us to help sick babies, children and adults with respiratory conditions, protect and prolong a quality of life we so often take for granted – without support such as yours we would not exist. Thank you.
K and her team at RS Components.

K and her team at RS Components.

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