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H – Bradford.

No matter how we try to help our patients, life seems to deal some of them a challenging blow.  Our lovely young lady, Holly from Bradford, is one such patient.  She seems to jump the hurdles set before her and yet another is put in her path.  Just two years ago we thought we’d helped her over one last fence (see below), but today as the following link shows yet another obstacle prevents her from leading a ‘normal’ life.  NARA continues to support Holly, but financially speaking we desperately need your help to give Holly the opportunity of improving her quality of life – we trust you can.

Three years ago we posted this report when NARA provided her with a new portable infusion pump.

…….. we went straight to see a wonderful young lady who suffers with multiple problems amongst which is a condition called brittle asthma, a particularly difficult and severe form of asthma which has put her into hospital many times during the past year on life support. H has recently received our first portable infusion pump. This is attached to her twenty four hours a day to delivers medication that helps keep her lungs working helping her to breathe. She had been off work for just over a year as she has been so poorly, but badly wanted to get her life back, and is thrilled to have just started a new job. She needed new nebulisers as her own were old and were not giving her the benefit she needed. Three new nebulisers were placed in the home, a mains powerful one in her bedroom, a portable/powerful one in living room, and a small portable one she can use to get her mobile. We hope once she gets better benefit from the nebulisers her health will improve and she can start to rebuild her life. Remember what  Bob the builder said H – ‘can we do it? –  yes we can’. It was such a pleasure to meet you H, you are an inspirational young woman, and we wish you well.

H – Bradford.

This infusion pump, like all other equipment needs looking after. Daily syringes and two to three weekly sets are needed to keep this running so H can get the medication she needs to help her breathe. These are not available on the NHS.

You may think three nebulisers is an excessive amount of equipment to put into one home, but this young ladies condition warrants the need for these. Many of the most powerful nebulisers are quite large, lifting could be a trigger in brittle asthma, hence one in the bedroom and one in sitting room to avoid carrying to different rooms. The portable is to give her the ability to lead an ‘as near a normal lifestyle’ the condition will allow a 22yr old to have. All this equipment again needs looking after, just one part of this means providing drive lines, medicine chambers masks/mouth piece and filters which need replacing at regular intervals.

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