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Yet another successful visit, short and fairly local this time going to Birmingham and Coventry.

Our first call took us on a very special visit to our very first ever set of quads. Two of the little ones had been allowed home and due to breathing problems and apnoeas with the two remaining in hospital – four respiration alarms are required for these babies together with much ongoing support.


T, K, B & G – Birmingham.

It is exciting for us as a charity to be able to help these little ones. Over the past thirty three years of service to the community we have helped a lot of sets of twins and also triplets, but this is our very first set of quads, born early, so tiny but so gorgeous.

Mum has allowed us to use this picture of them all still in hospital, thanks mum.

Once all the babies are home we will be visiting them again, both to assist, advise and offer mum whatever care we can, to check the equipment and provide any consumables and most of all to see these tiny treasures in their home environment.

From there we went to see a lady in Coventry. Already a patient, this lady needed the ability to get out and about with her conditioning, so a portable nebuliser has been provided alongside her mains unit – offering this opportunity to increase the quality of life for a patient is central to our charity’s heart.

The whole idea of the charity is to give people who struggle to breathe a better quality of life dealing with the condition they have. Giving them portability means they can do things that most of us take for granted, to go shopping, go on holiday, or simply keep a Drs or hospital appointment which otherwise they couldn’t do. Over the years, and as equipment has evolved, it has been discovered that portability is not alway as powerful as a mains machine, so in many cases both are needed for the patient to be able to have both the power and the portability.
She was very grateful for our visit and has offered a pic (to follow) for our website picture gallery. Thank you Mrs M – Coventry.

This was one of our short visits, but also very necessary. If not already on it take a look through our website at and see ‘what we do, who we help and why we do it’. Please tell us if you know anyone who needs our help, and if there is a way you can help us, please donate to help others ‘to take a breath’ Thank You.

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