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Yesterday was a strange day!  NARA’s prime job is our home visits and of course at this moment in time we cannot do these as we would wish. However people more than ever need our help with equipment and accessories.Yesterday a gentleman in his nineties called our helpline to ask if we had received his application form back, no we hadn’t was the answer. We cannot give equipment without a doctors approval, that is what we were waiting for. The gentleman became rather distressed when we called him back, he explained he and his wife were housebound normally, and now on lockdown so had no way to get any shopping and had no food. 
A verbal ok was obtained from his doctor for use of the nebuliser, with a prescription being delivered to him. Nebuliser ready, our girls delivered it to his door, stopping off at their local shop for some shopping and arranging for them to get a delivery from there whenever they  needed. 

Two other pieces of equipment were due out too, one to a lady who we had just helped with equipment a week or so ago, but circumstances meant it had to be couriered. We told her when all this was over we would visit her. We arranged a portable nebuliser to allow her to sit in her garden and enjoy the weather.  On calling yesterday to arrange delivery she told me she had been moved into a hospice and doubtful of a recovery, let’s hope she is wrong. We are sad we may never get to meet her. Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family. We all at NARA, whilst following Government guidelines are doing our very best to carry on as usual and will do so whilst funds and equipment allow. Our NARA team although few are doing their very best, I am very grateful to all our team and helpers. Thank you all. 

We all at NARA would also like to thank our couriers and postmen without whom we would be putting many more at risk – please stay safe and thank you from all our patients and all at NARA – The Breathing Charity.

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