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Without breath

there is no life

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Fragile Life

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Sometimes all we

need is the air that we breathe

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Dignity in

last days

Imagine watching a loved one, your mum, dad, husband, wife, or especially your son or daughter struggling to breathe – one of the must natural elements of life that is so very often taken for granted.
How would you cope? What do you do? Who can you turn to?

That’s where NARA – The Breathing Charity can help.


How we can help

How we support our patients


GREAT NEWS UPDATE: A MOTHERS STORY. I feel very lucky. I had my daughter at 30 +2wks, my waters broke at 20+4. She weighed 2lb 9.5 oz (1.17 kg) she was critical for 10 hours but managed to fight every step of the way. She did have a rough journey, she suffers from central apnoea,...
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We are often asked ‘WHAT DO YOU DO’ so thought I would give a little insight info into one of our typical visits. I hope you will take time to read and enjoy. Our ‘community care programme’ is one of the most...
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Our Campaigns & Appeals

Breathing Monitor Appeal

There is nothing more precious, nor fragile, than the life of a tiny baby. In those first developing weeks and months of life… Read more

Breathing New Life Campaign

In the hustle and bustle of our busy streets of the towns and cities in which we live, asthma and other respiratory... Read more

Community Care Programme

Working with medical professionals and healthcare assistants, and strictly with medical approval, NARA`s... Read more

Local Community Scheme

Whilst NARA assists on a national level we appreciate those of you who wish to support... Read more

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Recent News

H - Nottingham.


Who’d have known that 7 months on and this little super star would be fighting...
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GREAT NEWS UPDATE: A MOTHERS STORY. I feel very lucky. I had my daughter at 30 +2wks,...
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A baby girl being helped by NARA